The story so far.

Basically OPERATORchan was running on a very old version of Kusaba X which has been broken and breaking further for a long time. We had to lock posting on the site a while back because the native spam prevention measures were inadequate and for whatever reason there are still a ton of feral spambots roaming the internet targeting imageboards. Then Webhosting Canada, who have hosted the site on a dedicated server for many years, decided that our ancient ass hardware was not worth their time and that it would cost an exorbitant amount to keep it operational. The plan is for OPchan Chief Engineer Senseless to work on a “modern” imageboard setup and run it on a new server that we can actually keep updated. I do not have a roadmap or schedule for this development yet. It may take a while. If you have questions just hop in the discord, the link is on the main page.






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