Hello there! In a nutshell, the broken software that was keeping OPchan online has finally degraded beyond usability, and simultaneously our webhost decided they didn’t want to deal with us anymore – so you get this placeholder site in the meantime while we work on a new and improved OPchan. If you really want to talk to the same 15 people never shutting the fuck up, check out the discord. If you’re a dev, engineer or other relevant enthusiast and want to help us in our development efforts, please join the discord or send me an email to let me know. I will post updates as we have them in the blog area here. There is also an OPchan Facebook page.

If you want some neat patches, stickers, and t-shirts including OPchan and Payback Enterprises stuff go on over to Badgerhound Supply Co.

  • Theme Party

    Theme Party

    With some much needed assistance, there are some themes to look at.

  • A Toast to the Host

    A Toast to the Host

    We’ve secured a new host and are working on setting everything up! Very exciting. Next we’ll work on setting up the imageboard software and work on some front end themes.

  • The story so far.

    The story so far.

    Basically OPERATORchan was running on a very old version of Kusaba X which has been broken and breaking further for a long time. We had to lock posting on the site a while back because the native spam prevention measures were inadequate and for whatever reason there are still a ton of feral spambots roaming…