Boards Locked by jedidachshund - 04/12/22 @ 06:48 PM PDT #

All boards locked except for one due to a huge rise in spam and general site brokenness. Use the remaining board if you know where it is, or hop in discord.

SURVEY TIME by jedidachshund - 01/30/16 @ 11:28 AM PST #

Take the survey: Survey Link

Social Media! by jedidachshund - 02/16/15 @ 08:07 PM PST #

Social media links added to the pages!

Meet the new bosses, similar to the old bosses. by jedidachshund - 01/17/15 @ 05:34 PM PST #

New Admins have been chosen by the Operatorchan staff!

New admins are: Jedi Dachshund, ConcernedCitizen, and Octanitrocubane.

Please be patient as we go through the necessary steps that all new teams go through - our first order of business will be reviewing the volunteers for moderator positions and making some choices.

New moderators are: CaptChairsoft, Mammoth, Thereminator, and 5.45_7n6.

Regime change by Godverdomme - 12/24/14 @ 03:48 AM PST #

Administrator and moderator positions are now open.
If you wish to contribute, post your candidacy for administrator & moderator positions in the sticky on /t/!
Edit: Admin vote is now closed. Staff will now deliberate.

Hosting issues by Godverdomme - 09/01/14 @ 01:42 AM PDT #

Our hosting provider is having some stability issues. It is currently unclear what's causing it, as they're less than forthcoming with information. We'll follow up & try to sort it out. Update: Finally received feedback: "The DC team has confirmed there was an issue with the server's power cable. We have since replaced the defective cable and your server is operating at optimal performance. We do apologize for the inconvenience caused." We'll see how that goes.

OPchan Summer Donation Drive and Raffle by SwissGuy - 08/22/13 @ 07:30 AM PDT #


Well, summer is coming to an end, and you know what else is coming to an end? Our money! We on staff have been drinking the finest Tequila with the prettiest Senoritas all year thanks to the generous userbase freely giving us their Pesos. But, as with all things, the coffer slowly emptying, and so we come to you, hat in hand, asking to support our luxurious lifestyles by giving us your hard earned money.

So, with that all in mind, it is time for another donation drive. We did our first under new management over a year ago, and donations have continued to trickle in all year. This drive will be different, in that in addition to the warm glow of satisfaction you will get from supporting this great community, you will be entered in a raffle for various great OPchan and OPERATOR related swag. This community runs entirely off of user donations, but no matter what, we on staff promise the site will never go down due to lack of funds. Fiscal transparency was one of the largest promises we made when we took over, and we like to think we have lived up to our obligation to keep the lights on, manage the money, and provide you with a functional and fun site to argue about guns on. Rules for the raffle will be announced soon, but all donations from July on will be grandfathered into the raffle, so if you donate now or have recently done so, no worries, you too will get a shot at winning!

So, click the button, put in an amount, All funds will be used for site expenses, no funds will be used for Tequila. Thanks in advance.

2013 State of the Chan Address by seraph - 02/23/13 @ 11:53 AM PST #

Welcome to our first ever State of the Chan Address! As today is the first anniversary of OPchan under new management, we the admins would like to direct a few words at you, fellow OPERATORs, while also reflecting on the past and gazing forward to the future of OPchan.

Our first year of *chan administration has been expectedly turbulent. However, we feel that we have been able to find a good balance, thanks in large part to our outstanding moderator staff and our users. Looking back, events like the Arab Spring, the shootings in Aurora and Newtown and Christopher Dorner's vendetta against the LAPD generated huge amounts of content and discussion on OPchan. Considering our predominantly American userbase, the explosion of the pro- and anti-gun discussion in the States, with all its headlines, hypocrisies and talking points, was and still is the most dominating topic on the boards for the last few and upcoming months. We have no intention on regulating this discussion/topic, as it is a legitimate concern for a majority of our user base.

Our staff currently consists of Godverdomme, Seraph and SwissGuy as admins, with Frankengun, Jedi Dachshund, Kiwifruit, balci and ConcernedCitizen as moderators to support us. Serv was originally also part of the moderator team, but has since been relieved of his duties. We feel that our current number of staffers is sufficient to deal with the traffic being generated. However, we may solicit applications for janitorial or moderator positions in the future, and will announce any vacancies accordingly. Our most pressing need is coding support. Any and all coders experienced with PHP and motivated to make OPchan a better place for users and staff alike are invited to contact us via email (seraph@operatorchan.org or godverdomme@operatorchan.org) or via IRC.

OPchan's financial situation is satisfying. As promised when we took over the board, our finances are completely transparent and accountable. Thanks to your generous contributions and donations to our hosting fund, our current financial reserves are just under 600$. You can view all donations and expenses at http://www.operatorchan.org/donations.html. Due to uncertainty regarding PayPal's treatment of firearms-related activities, we have chosen to move part of our funds to an offline bank account kindly provided by a staff member. This account is not costing us any processing or other annual fees, and ties in nicely with our PayPal account. Our current regular expenses are server hosting (70$/mo) and DNS/registration fees (currently registered through mid-2015). As such, we are financially set for the next 8 months, and would like to extend a big thanks to everyone who has donated. However, as a non-profit site, we are dependent on user contributions, so any and all future donations are very welcome at donations@operatorchan.org.

Since the OPchan reboot a year ago, we've seen an increase in visitors of over 50% in unique visitors (with peaks up to 100%). The page views per visit have almost doubled over the same period. Since 2009, OPchan has seen steady overall growth.

We are happy with these statistics. We know many believe we should take a more aggressive stance in increasing visitors, but this carries some risks we're not willing to take. Our current opinion is still that you, our regular users, are our ambassadors. If you know people that would fit in our userbase or would provide us with worthwhile content, ask them to come over and have a look. Maybe they'll stick around, maybe they won't. But word of mouth remains our most potent and effective way of recruiting more OPERATORS. This hopefully means a slow but steady growth, with hopefully only little growth pains and few enemies at our doorstep. It is important to remember that unsolicited advertising is generally unwelcome on most sites and forums, so if you are going to bring up OPchan in those venues, please respect local rules and be considerate.

We're glad to see a steady stream of new content on various boards, discussing a wide variety of subject from backpack choices to cheap but effective ballistic protection.

Most recently and quite notably, OperatorLink has debuted with BTDT's help. It will serve as a class and discussion room, open for anyone's use. All participants of the first few try-out classes were very positive about the experience and we hope to be able to provide new classes on a wide variety of topics. We also have a fledgling wiki that's in dire need of some additional content, so be sure to head on over and add whatever useful information you're willing to share. Both OperatorLink and the wiki have threads in /t/, so check them out.

The newborn /stem/ board has definitely gotten off to an impressive start. A number of OPERATORS have contributed great posts and threads there. While the science and technology board initially pretty much died out when we launched OPchan, the new board is going strong and is definitely here to stay. As such, we would like to officially announce that /stem/ is now a regular board, and we will be adjusting the sticky accordingly.

Over the past year, we have seen some unprecedented acts of both kindness and community spirit on OPchan. Notable are the multiple fundraising threads for fellow OPERATORS in need, amnesties and the large number of meetups in the past year. We have also seen multiple highly successful group buys, notably for AR-15 lowers from York Arms as well as handgun holsters from LHS. Amnesty threads by ConcernedCitizen and RandalltheFlagg re-distributed tons of gear and equipment to OPERATORS in need and/or want. Our internet bazaar, /trade/, continues to thrive as a community marketplace, with a high degree of consumer confidence and some excellent merchandise changing hands for generally fair prices. We'd like to commend the entire userbase for being trustworthy enough that /trade/ has not required significant action from an admin standpoint to regulate the flow of business. As always, please bring any suspect transactions to the staff's attention, if you can't work it out between yourselves. Shady motherfuckers will be dealt with.

The PBE Store has also been doing a roaring trade and we know Romanov is doing his best to keep everyone supplied with patches, t-shirts and sundry doodads. He also makes custom Kydex holsters! Be sure to visit /pbe/ and http://pbestore.storenvy.com/ regularly to check for new products.

Resident lead baron DanderDude sells bullets and reloaded ammunition. If you want to get into reloading or need related supplies, visit the Cyclone Lead Works sub-board at /clw/. Remember that a portion of all sales generated through OPchan flows back to us and keeps our servers going.

Recent rule changes in /n/ have caused some discomfort across other boards, and we had hoped the situation would normalize. It however hasn't and /t/ has become an overrun of /n/. To remedy the situation the new rule in /t/ will be that news stories are only allowed if they are clearly set up by the OP to generate a discussion. Simply copypasting a story and providing a link will no longer be allowed, and such threads will be deleted without warning or notice. The OP will need to put in some effort in setting up the thread to enable discussion. Repeat offenders who treat /t/ as as an overrun of /n/ will be warned and/or banned.

/dmz/ continues to be a popular attraction on OPchan, and generally features lively discussion that would be inappropriate in other sections of the site. It's important to have a safety valve to let off some steam that might otherwise build up under the constraints placed on other boards. That having been said, if your content would fit on another board, why not post it there? If you bought a new gun, unless it is painted with anime characters, post it up in /k/, if you want to talk about something (that won't devolve into bickering drama), it might be more at home in /t/. Particularly divisive or historically "touchy" subjects that you anticipate a strong emotional response to may fit better into /dmz/'s unique atmosphere than elsewhere on the site. Ponies go in the pony thread. In the future, we will be more aggressive with moving worthwhile threads out of /dmz/ to proper boards.

Quick reminder: you can make the mods' work a lot easier, and OPchan a better place, if you report posts you think violate a site-wide or board-specific rule. Help us keep OPchan free of SPAM, unwanted advertising and trolls.

At popular request, we'd also like to take this opportunity to launch a dedicated IRC channel: #operatorchan on Rizon. This channel will be used side by side with the current #/k/ channel, which will remain untouched. Having our own channel means more accessibility for the user to staff members, as we can ensure Mibbit connections stay unbanned and unregistered nicks can also join at all times. As this separate channel was requested ad nauseam by the userbase, we expect you in there to make it work! We will be updating all Mibbit hyperlinks throughout the FAQ and Rules sections to refer to our new channel as well. You can reach the new channel by joining #operatorchan on Rizon, or clicking the following link: http://www.mibbit.com/#operatorchan@irc.rizon.net .

Overall, we feel OPERATORchan is doing quite well. We're financially set, have a stable board up and running and, most importantly, a great user base. Our site stats are looking good and the boards are generating great content. We feel confident that the new rules/policies regarding /n/, /t/ and /dmz/ will improve the quality of the publicly visible boards. Last but not least, new initiatives like OperatorLink and our new IRC channel should continue to further the community spirit that makes OPchan such a unique and great place. We'd like to finish with a big THANK YOU to all you guys (and girls) out there who make this site great and our job a pleasant one.

New Board! by swissguy - 10/10/12 @ 09:55 AM PDT #


Due to user demand we've added a new Science and Tech board, /stem/. This is a trial board, if there is not enough content, it will get axed. You asked for it, now go make it happen!

Also, we're having a bit of a community forum in the stick in /t/. Head over there and let us know your thoughts on how things are going, and where they should go

As always, thanks for keeping up the good content

Give us your money. by SwissGuy - 05/14/12 @ 12:17 PM PDT #


You may have noted a few boards were axed, and a few added, please let us know your thoughts in /sug/.

Also, OPERATORchan.org is now accepting donations! You can give us your hard earned money via Paypal by clicking the garish DONATE button at the bottom of the page (or this post), or through donations@OPERATORchan.org. Our server fees are due the 15th of every month, on that day we will publish a news post of the donations that came in, who made them (or anonymous), how much was left from the previous month, the amount paid, and the new balance. If we have enough in the jar to pay multiple months ahead of time, we will do so. Every dollar donated goes right to paying hosting fees.

So, click the button, put in an amount, and send those delicious e-dollars our way, we promise not to run to Mexico.

Captcha, Moolah by SwissGuy - 04/15/12 @ 06:29 PM PDT #


I'm sure you have all by now noticed that Captcha has been removed. The timing on the raid was very poor (but aren't they always?) for your staff, as IRL issues kept us from being able to work on a solution as quickly as we wanted. That being said, I'd like to thank Clip_Rage for his hard work in putting new security measures in place that should protect us against another such occurrence.

You may note that in the last three months since we've launched, we've solicited no donations to keep the site going. In fact, when we took over, a large part of our mission was to ensure that no matter what donations do or do not come in, the site remains up and running. The Hosting runs us 68USD per month, the first two months were paid by Godverdomme, and this month was paid by SwissGuy. When we have a donation structure in place, look out for an announcement of where and when you can donate.

As always, any comments, questions, or concerns can be placed in /sug/ or emailed directly to the Administration. Thank you all for your patience and understanding with the Captcha and the raid, and keep up the great content.

Your Staff, and moving Forward. by SwissGuy - 02/27/12 @ 11:53 AM PST #

It's been a smooth relaunch! Here is a list of your Admin/Modstaff as of now. We are working hard to address all of the issues brought up in /sug/, and of course if you run in to a bug, desire a site-feature, or just want to harp on the way we are doing things, we welcome you to start a thread there.



Thanks for your patience during our downtime and relaunch, and for coming back with a ton of good content. We are working on our options for storing donated funds, and as soon as we have a donation structure in place, we will let you know the ins-and-outs of the new system. Until then, keep up the good content!

P.S. We would also like to thank Clip_Rage for his contributions thus far toward bringing you a stable, secure, and 500 error free OPchan.

A New Hope by Godverdomme - 02/19/12 @ 02:42 AM PST #

Welcome back, OPERATORs.

We owe you all an explanation:
When our host went down briefly on the 14th due to a power outage, OPERATORchan also suffered a multipart failure which caused massive dataloss. The gravity of the situation only became fully clear to us on the 16th when the magic smoke had cleared and the new administration decided to grab ahold of this situation to migrate to a new environment that would allow us to upgrade to Kusaba X and take ownership of all components.

This meant setting up new hosting, configuring a new dedicated server and migrating the DNS records from serv's registrar to ours. And in the latter lay the rub... We initiated the transfer as soon as it became clear we were down, in the hope that the transfer would go through while we were busy setting up the new environment. As it turned out, setting it all up took less time than expected while the registrar was dragging its heels for the transfer. Due to the fact the transfer had been initiated, the DNS records were frozen. We could do nothing, but to wait for 1and1.com to come through on the transfer, which easily tripled our downtime.

But we are back now after a week long hiatus, and that is all that matters... I hope you guys will find the new OPERATORchan to your liking, although it is still a work in progress. Be sure to let us know of any problems or suggestions you might have in /sug/.

Enjoy your stay,
The Administration

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