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File 139844562417.jpg - (565.71KB , 1200x644 , Model_29.jpg )
74530 No. 74530 ID: d2caef Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Post your guns (and yours alone!).

Rules: No post without picture.
Bonus credit: Quality photography is highly appreciated.

Here's my newly acquired Smith & Wesson Model 29 (no dash).
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>> No. 104941 ID: 12b1f9
File 150016682939.jpg - (393.05KB , 2048x1152 , 20024137_10155430826564373_6401105120290410648_o.jpg )
Picked up last weekend and just got it out to the range today, heavy ass shotgun but fun as fuck.
>> No. 104962 ID: 875beb
File 15005036505.jpg - (860.89KB , 2000x1333 , 609rBMN.jpg )
Newest addition, SLR-104UR

File 149046004336.png - (357.18KB , 2000x600 , Benelli-m3-tactical-12.png )
103213 No. 103213 ID: 813f6b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm filled with the need to fill a void in my collection (and life): I want a high quality shotgun.

This quest started with trying to find (or make) a suitable classic looking Ithaca 37 (either already SBS, or make it into one). That didn't go anywhere. Ithaca doesn't export to euroland, and I'm having trouble finding a suitable donor gun to SBS (or even to find someone willing to SBS the gun for me since due to regulations it has to be reproofed etc, meaning paperwork & wasted time going to the test bench/proof house which would cost more than the actual cutting & refinishing).

Other alternatives were visited:
Browning has an Ithaca sibling, so that was the first stop. Various features and components were not really to my liking though, missing that special M37 look.
Mossbergs have a handy lefty friendly safety, so I looked at those next. Turns out their finish is really shitty.
Remingtons, well, let's not even go there. I've seen too many Remington things fail in the past 10 years that I'm not willing to touch them anymore.
Winchester was next. SXP is a basic no nonsense shotty made in Turkey, but turns out it's actually has more than it's share of problems if jewtoob is to be believed. Including at least two instances of slamfiring with the safety on. So that's out.

With time, interests shifted and eventually brought me to the Benelli M3 Tactical (~20", ghost ring sights, classic stock) & Benelli M3 Entry (~14", ghost ring sights, usually telescopic stock). Because why the fuck not? It's both a pump and a semi, filling two needs at once.
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>> No. 103505 ID: 19518e
Yeah I can just imagine Godvie all like "Damn they didn't have the Merkel model I wanted so I had to settle for the Blaser Luxus".
>> No. 103512 ID: 813f6b
File 149225190724.jpg - (42.22KB , 378x276 , 1286506467197.jpg )
Hey man, life is too short to settle for cheap shit.

I've grown to accept that I'm an elitist jerk. Aside from just high quality guns, I really appreciate overengineered and mechanically interesting guns.
Which is not to say that some cheap guns can't be great in their own right, obviously. I'm not that far gone...
>> No. 104958 ID: 8be205
don't know if you care, but benelli has stopped importing the m3 in all variations to the US, the m3's largest civilian sales market. M3 looks on the way out of production so stock up on parts now.
>> No. 104960 ID: bf333d
>don't know if you care, but benelli has stopped importing the m3 in all variations to the US, the m3's largest civilian sales market. M3 looks on the way out of production so stock up on parts now.

Considering Benelli Defense Italy just released the M3 A1 this year, I doubt it's going out of production in the EU. They also have too much law enforcement market to just stop providing spare parts.
>> No. 104961 ID: 413cfb
Winchester has always been my favorite shotgun brand. My dad has several pumps that are older than I am (30+ years) that run really nicely. I've taken a look at the guts of the SXP and it's pretty similar to the old 1300, just made with more modern techniques.

I'd suggest looking around for some old 1300 Speed Pump shotguns. They can be had for chump change.

If you gotta have NIB, which I totally understand, I'd suggest looking at the SXP again.
The issues were due to a production SNAFU in 2015, and limited to 3 1/2" Chambers. FWIW my buddy has an old 870 that was his father's first gun, and I've seen it fall over from resting against a tree, and fire with safety on.

If you're willing to spend Benelli money on a gun, then I'd look at the the FN P12 if you want the tacticool, next.

The P12 is around ~$700, the SXP Defender considerably cheaper at ~$450, in the US.

All that said, you do you. Just trying to help a brother out.

No. 104032 ID: 5ae8a3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 104099 ID: a8dbe2
  You didn't post a budget.
>> No. 104100 ID: 587b99
  A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! https://youtu.be/tbKGjRoSofA
>> No. 104950 ID: ccc542
>> No. 104954 ID: a8dbe2
Is actually not a bad idea. Jerry rig a shelf with zip ties and a metal ring or even a whisker biscuit.
>> No. 104959 ID: f0fb5d
If size/concealment is a concern, you could go with a sling-bow with some strong elastic.

It won't be as strong as a bow and probably even slower to reload but maybe that doesn't matter. People make a fuss over the psychological effect of being shot making people stop, drop or run away because of what we all see on TV and the movies and I don't think that's a reliable way to stop a threat, but I imagine suddenly hearing a THWAP, feeling a sharp pain and seeing an arrow sticking out of your chest is an existentially introspective experience.

File 15000927454.jpg - (127.97KB , 660x434 , AP6706051569.jpg )
104935 No. 104935 ID: bd9939 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I wasn't really planning on it, but Palmetto State Armory finally got me with a daily deal on their FN barrel uppers with basic milspec BCG and charging handle for $349.99 shipped. Normally I can close my eyes and wish their emails away but I've built a couple rifles using the lighterish profile spikes tactical version of those FN barrels and they are pretty baller rifles. Zero malfunctions from the start, weirdly consistent brass ejection and noticeably more accurate than my Daniel Defense barrel. Totally sold on those for general blasters when priced right.

Anyway, the deal is that I ordered a 10.5 inch sort of on a whim and have no experience with an AR shorter than 16 inches. Do you guys have a recommendation for a muzzle device? I usually am fine with an A2 birdcage, but I'm seeing a trend of "blast" when searching through forums. I'm also wondering about buffer weights. I see a lot of recommendations for an H2 as a first try, but anyone think differently?

This is going to be built into a pistol expressly as a car gun. I have been wanting something handy and easy to maneuver in tight spaces that will get the point across 200 yards or less effectively. Also coyotes and whatnot. I have a trust and have been through all the process before, but am not going to SBR it as I want to take it over state lines with ease. So I am going to put a brace on it and build it on one of my virgin lowers. Hopefully Gear Head Works will have their mod 2 brace in production reasonably soon as that's plan A. If that takes too long, an SB tactical SOB or SBM4 look usable.

Also, just AR talk or pictures are cool too. I know we are all 8 years burned out, but now is the time to buy as everyone is liquidating overstock.
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>> No. 104947 ID: 028b36
File 150016923465.jpg - (3.87MB , 3648x2736 , DSC00752.jpg )
Finished product
>> No. 104948 ID: 028b36
File 2017042295215902.webm - (122.99KB )
This is it shooting at night, sparkler!!!
>> No. 104951 ID: bd9939
File 15003152067.jpg - (9.14KB , 240x320 , 21xdHlMCG6L__AC_UL320_SR240,320_.jpg )
Boy do I regret not buying a couple extra KAC micro sights from mammoth just so I don't have to worry about sourcing good sights in the future. I've been getting these off of ebay for all of my rifles, but they are starting to shoot up in price pretty bad. I was lucky to grab one that had just been listed for $53 the other day. I really thought about cutting down a carry handle or getting a DD 1.5 fixed rear for some added beefiness, but some day I would like to put an MRO on here and I hate co witnessing with fixed rear sights.

That Griffin device is space gun as fuck which is awesome. I was shooting for a lower price point, but now I'm starting to contemplate the benefits of being able to put the shield on and off.

Nice. With both you and mammoth having good luck with H2, I think that's where I'll start.

I was definitely a little concerned about shooting this in an enclosed space. I may try it a couple times with the A2 (and ears on) just to know what I'm looking at. I chuckled a bit at your webm.
>> No. 104952 ID: ad8094
File 150032878810.jpg - (158.99KB , 880x660 , 836709.jpg )
An alternative to the Griffin Armament would be the AAC Blastout, it's blast shield for AAC muzzle device that uses 51T. Since I have a AAC already or should I get a Griffin Armament can - Frankengun put his can on my SBR upper and I really like it but I want to have 1 can for most of my guns.
>> No. 104956 ID: 960488
They got me with a 4th of July sale. Couple nights ago, I built my first AR. http://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-m4-carbine-5-56-nato-1-7-nitride-13-5-lightweight-m-lok-moe-freedom-rifle-kit-with-mbus-sight-set-516444707.html

I think I did okay. I certainly love the way it looks and feels. Living in Seattle, there's no range in the city, so it'll be some time before I get to play with it.

I bought lowers from them back in like 2010, but life and panic-buying inflating prices kept me from getting around to it.

File 147960520728.jpg - (131.98KB , 813x360 , 200803_P1.jpg )
101876 No. 101876 ID: 1e7323 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I've decided it's time to build a precision rifle and start building up a better technical understand of long range shooting. I'm working my way through TiborasaurusRex's series if anyone else is interested.

In my part of the country, there are no ranges over 300 yards in any reasonable driving distance, but I'd still like to invest long term for if/when I move for a rifle 1-2 MOA at 600+ yards. I don't (currently) rifle hunt, so this is purely a long range target project. I'm relatively new to the precision field so I'd like some sanity check on my choices. Budget is flexible here but I'd like to stay in the neighborhood of $750-1000.

Caliber: .308 / 7.62x51
It seems to have acceptable BC and kinetic energy at 1000 yards. Frankly I'm most interested in ammo availability. I don't reload yet so being able to find match grade locally is a good bonus. If anyone has a preferred match brand, I'd like to hear it.

Rifle: Savage Model 10T
I've really liked the AccuTrigger and seems a popular base for "budget" long range builds. The version with detachable magazines is $100 more but does not seem particularly important to me. A threaded barrel would be more interesting if I had access to private land to shoot with a suppressor, but since I can only shoot at public ranges I'm using earpro anyways.

Rifle (alt): Ruger American
The initial reviews seem positive and it's $100 cheaper than the Savage. Played with one at the fun store and the trigger felt better than expected (can be adjusted down to 2.5# even). Budget isn't that tight so if the Savage is generally better, so be it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 104079 ID: 19518e
File 14963639116.jpg - (801.29KB , 2162x929 , 300setup.jpg )
Not to necrojack this, but I'd like to discuss something I've only really seen mentioned a few times in stuff like 6mmBR articles, related to >>101888 >>101887.

How do you guys set up rifle balance? I didn't want to make the Savage build any heavier for the longest time, but the rear end is a little too nervous so I put a bit of lead in the stock, now the balance is about an inch and three quarters ahead of the front of the action. Not sure when I'll get to shoot it again, but it feels a lot better now. I used to think "rifle is heavy enough no need to make it heavier", but it seems that it isn't so simple.

Furthermore, it also slings normally. Before it was hard to carry in any way because of the awkward weight distribution, muzzle up it would fight to point down, and muzzle down it's too likely that it'll eat dirt or smack a rock or something due to the length when navigating steep terrain; picture related was not a walk in the park, nobody wants to muzzle rock quarry ground going up jagged ditches. Weird as it is to admit, as it sits now with bipod, scope and something like 5lbs of lead in the stock, it's nicer to carry. Total weight with all the trimmings clocks in at a hair under 20lbs.

tl;dr discuss rifle balance/weight distribution for long distance rifle'ing, what is the balance point on your precision guns?
>> No. 104080 ID: 19518e
File 149636592631.jpg - (602.38KB , 2048x1536 , IMG00259-20130515-1938.jpg )
>inch and three quarters
Derp, just three quarters. Basically right where the barrel nut is.

In any case I can't wait to shoot it now, even if the price of factory has gone up from 42$/20 to 64(to easily 85 depending of flavor)/20 since last I bought some. I got handloads to cook up, but I always try to have at least one common factory load zero written down and chronographed in case I run out of some component and have trouble finding it. Pic pretty related, it was a while ago but I was invited to a thousand yard shoot a bit last minute and had no handloads. The Hornady match 195gr BTHPs performed very well.

But NOFUCKINGBODY has them up here. Every store has Hornady 180gr Superformance usually around 60ish/20, so I might just go with that for my next outing and chrony it/write down zero offset compared to handloads since it does shoot well and it is incredibly common. Fuck it ain't cheap but I can take a small inkling of comfort that I didn't go with something like .338 Lap.
>> No. 104940 ID: 19518e
File 150016149231.jpg - (966.08KB , 2656x2128 , 200_yards.jpg )
This went fairly well.
>> No. 104955 ID: 3f7131
That's some fine shooting. I'm still working on my Savage getting 1.5" MOA with XM80. I'm sure 80% is me needing to put in more trigger time and 20% try better ammo.
>> No. 104957 ID: 19518e
File 150041298441.jpg - (15.92KB , 268x268 , Oooohh.jpg )
I'm rather pleased with the ammo. I think the rifle can do a bit better if I could time between heartbeats better, but regardless that factory ammo is basically my go-to in case I can't handload for whatever reason.

I still need much practice, as fair weather, prone with rear sandbag, bipod, and a bubble level on a 20lbs gun with a 1 pound trigger isnt exactly a "challenging shooting situation".

Also, damn superformance, mfw 4400ft-lbs at the muzzle...

File 150036512392.jpg - (60.77KB , 1103x733 , L31887g.jpg )
104953 No. 104953 ID: 0876ee hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can you spot whats wrong with this picture?

Cringe aside, revolver thread I guess. I just bought an MR73 yesterday. The more I read about them, the more "Swiss" they feel to me. It feels like a very high polish, beefier version of my S&W 10 (Thanks again, RaceMixer). I've always been an automatic fan, but I've come to really appreciate the trigger on revolvers (Well, except on my Nagant), I feel like I can get more accurate than with a Glawk if I put in the range time, but the downside is .38Spc feels a lot more flippy than 9x19, ignoring the obvious capacity issues. Either way, I'm no revolver expert, but they're fun. Anyone got wheelgats to show off?

File 146763588121.jpg - (114.00KB , 700x415 , roc.jpg )
98379 No. 98379 ID: ef84d9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Hello /k/, it's been a while.

Help me decide/find an edc knife. I need something unique. I need a larger blade, but still something slim to carry. I don't mind if it's a friction folder, assisted opening or liner lock.

My beloved Spyderco Endura has been lost and I've finally decided to start searching for her replacement.

I have always wanted a Spyderco Roc or a Benchmade Osborne. I'm looking to spend no more than $200.

I've missed you guys. I hope you're all well.
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>> No. 104831 ID: f15d4d
Does it lock fine if you push it into place? If so, there's probably sand in the cut out for the Needs Work's SpeedSafe spring binding it and preventing full movement.

Dunno about the internal structure/design of a Needs Work because I've never owned one, but taking it apart and cleaning it shouldn't be an issue. Most A/O SpeedSafe Kershaws either have a cut out with the SpeedSafe spring captured inside of it while a plate going over it, but some just have it resting in the G10/handle material (my Speed Bump was like this).

If you do take it apart, use decent Torx bits (Wiha is best) of the "correct" size. Most Kershawks are going to have T-8 or T-10 screws for the pivot and T-6 or T-8 for the body. Most pocket clips are also T-6 size.

Also, when you take it apart, clean it, lube it, ect. - take some grease-like lubricant (something with the consistency of Vaseline would be best) and smear the ever loving shit out of the SpeedSafe cavity mechanism before you re-assemble. Kershaw/ZT does that from the factory and it helps prevent moisture/crude from interfering with the spring and also had the added benefit of not letting the spring rattle obnoxiously.

If you absolutely don't want to take the knife apart, take the knife and throw it into some Dawn dish soap or some penetrative oil for a few hours and then take it to a water bath and blow the ever-loving-fuck out of it with a high pressure air compressor under water. Then immediately dry thoroughly and oil.
>> No. 104834 ID: bd9907
Just opening and closing it over and over again, it seemed to get better, and then it got a bunch worse. I probably do need to take it apart. Thanks for the info.
>> No. 104846 ID: a8dbe2
They just discontinued the HK branded Benchmade knives, so you can snag them up pretty cheap while they last.
>> No. 104931 ID: 8c56c9
Did they put the blade on backwards?
>> No. 104934 ID: a8dbe2
The Rurouni Kenshin model.

Fortunately they're made by Benchmade lol.

File 146638842128.jpg - (233.46KB , 1500x931 , pistol US STI Target Master 6-inch M1911 clone 1.jpg )
98094 No. 98094 ID: a4a9ab hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Another general weapons thread.
Previous one: http://www.operatorchan.org/k/res/90125.html
STI Target Master
The Target Master is built on STI’s 1911 Government-length frame with 30 lpi checkering on the front strap. The safety controls are STI ambidextrous thumb safeties and STI high rise, knuckle-relief beavertail grip safety. The 6″ slide features a lowered and flared ejection port, tri-level adjustable sights, and STI front and rear cocking serrations. The barrel is a 6.0″, fully-supported and ramped bull barrel. The Target Master comes standard with a STI two-piece steel guide rod, Commander-style hammer and patented STI Int’l trigger system. The STI Target Master ships with one 1911 Magazine. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/tag/glock/
372 posts and 360 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 104927 ID: ce9989
File 149937722654.jpg - (737.24KB , 796x1200 , antique percussion pistol UK Charles Lancaster how.jpg )
>> No. 104928 ID: ce9989
File 149937725073.jpg - (489.63KB , 1200x796 , antique percussion pistol UK Charles Lancaster how.jpg )
>> No. 104929 ID: ce9989
File 149937728898.jpg - (738.95KB , 1007x1200 , antique percussion pistol UK Charles Lancaster how.jpg )
>> No. 104930 ID: ce9989
File 149937732473.jpg - (676.94KB , 1200x880 , antique percussion pistol UK Charles Lancaster how.jpg )
>> No. 104932 ID: ce9989
File 149982132747.jpg - (246.43KB , 1600x1000 , UK WW2 Bren Gun MK_II 5.jpg )
Bren Gun!

File 149925757557.jpg - (1.26MB , 1024x768 , Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant 1891-30 refinished 1.jpg )
104871 No. 104871 ID: ce9989 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Some Mosin-Nagant stuff.
28 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 104918 ID: ce9989
File 149929142273.jpg - (447.16KB , 1600x1066 , Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant 1891-30 Spanish Civil War.jpg )
>> No. 104919 ID: 19518e
File 149929334766.jpg - (1.15MB , 2529x1146 , m44.jpg )
My Polish M44 made in 1953.
>> No. 104920 ID: 19518e
File 149929367663.jpg - (446.83KB , 2525x1404 , P8e241189.jpg )
As far as I know it was made in Poland, put in a box, stayed in a box for 60 years, and then I bought it. From what I can tell, it hasn't been refurbished or used in any way aside from my gentle white-gloved TLC.

I should have bought the other one right next to it, at the time they were wrapped so I didn't get that good of a look at them and thought 350 bucks for was about as much as I'd pay for a nugget. It was gone the day after, I'm still kicking myself over it.
>> No. 104921 ID: 19518e
File 149929383733.jpg - (788.15KB , 1618x1214 , m44 pewpew.jpg )
Been meaning to drift the sights over because it does shoot well enough.

I don't often want to take it out for fear of scratching it or something... I know it's "just an M44" but it's in such good shape I can't help but baby it.
>> No. 104922 ID: ce9989
File 14993046038.jpg - (77.61KB , 3315x592 , Russian WW2 Mosin-Nagant M44 carbine Polish made 1.jpg )
I have seen those cherry factory fresh Polish M44 carbines made in the '50s and immediately crated away as they were obsolete the day they were made. 50+ years later, these blonde stock Mosin-Nagants were in big demand by collectors.

The nation of Poland began manufacturing their clone of the Soviet Model 1944 Carbine ( M44 ) in 1950, and according to Terence Lapin, author of The Mosin Nagant Rifle, production of this carbine ran until at least 1962. http://www.mosinnagant.net/global%20mosin%20nagants/Polish-M44.asp

File 149693808937.jpg - (73.83KB , 940x479 , find-s.jpg )
104102 No. 104102 ID: 813f6b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>Ruger recently discovered that all Mark IV™ pistols (including 22/45™ models) manufactured prior to June 1, 2017 have the potential to discharge unintentionally if the safety is not utilized correctly. In particular, if the trigger is pulled while the safety lever is midway between the "safe" and "fire" positions (that is, the safety is not fully engaged or fully disengaged), then the pistol may not fire when the trigger is pulled. However, if the trigger is released and the safety lever is then moved from the mid position to the "fire" position, the pistol may fire at that time.
>All Mark IV™ pistols produced prior to June 1, 2017 are potentially affected and therefore are being recalled. This includes Mark IV™ Target, Hunter, Competition, 22/45™, 22/45™ Lite and 22/45™ Tactical models. These models bear serial numbers beginning with "401" (2017 models) or "WBR" (2016 models).
>If you have a Mark IV™ or 22/45™ pistol with a serial number beginning with the number "5," your pistol is not subject to the recall.
>Mark IV™ and 22/45™ pistols retrofitted with the updated safety mechanism are easily identified by the letter "S" in the white safety dot that is visible when the safety is engaged.
12 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 104137 ID: bb90ae
Meh, if I wanted a gun that the preferred mode of firing was manipulating the safety, I'd have gotten a Remington.
>> No. 104829 ID: 78e056
Ruger with a recall? Who would have thought...
>> No. 104867 ID: 61f358
I'm wondering whether it's just because they come out with more new designs than anyone else.

Plus, they're willing to do a recall where other companies aren't.
>> No. 104869 ID: bd9939
I don't know about that. It feels like we've been getting quality holds and recalls almost every week from just about everybody the past few months. Just had to send back a bunch of daniel defenses for the trigger issues. Every new Remington is basically a given, and even when it's not it should be. I swear guns are getting cheaper and cheaper as companies feel the heat from the 5 to 1 ratio of shitty Taurus PT111's or Remington 783's flying out the doors for every dependable gun.

I don't really have a huge love for Ruger's stuff, but I do like a couple of their rimfires. I have a very early Standard as well as a MKII and still fully intend on getting one of the MK IV lites down the road. They do have a shitload of issues I've noticed though. The other day I pulled out a 5.56 precision (lol even if it was functional) and neither of the mags would even seat. Had to send it back. The next day we had a .223 American where the rounds would just shoot back up and out of the magazine as well as one of the brand new mags off a peg. Had to steal an old mag out of a used one.

I respect their variety, but they really do cheap out on stuff.
>> No. 104870 ID: db7cf2
same fam. it seems like the rate of warranty returns at the shop i work at puts rugers disproportionately higher than other manufacturers, even next to freedom group/RAC guns.

i dont think i can say ruger is a bad company, because they are generally very personable over the phone, and are willing to square things away with us or the customer almost instantaneously, (shitting all over bill ruger's grave is definitely a plus) but i dont think i will be going out of my way to buying any for myself. all i really have left of theirs is an LCP i will probably hawk to get a glock 42 down the line.

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