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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 133235434996.jpg - (67.60KB , 365x500 , 864364024_bfc00e01b5.jpg )
641 No. 641 ID: 2464a2
Buyer and seller appreciation or "this guy's a dick" thread.
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>> No. 642 ID: a468a6
Reported for "sticky this shit"
>> No. 643 ID: a17a43
Buyer/seller appreciation:

ConcernedCitizen +1
RedRaptor +1
Randalltheflagg +1
>> No. 644 ID: 5ea8c0
SwissGuy -1
>> No. 645 ID: bc8875
Certified Bro Tier:

Dick Tier:
None...although I should throw Wut in here because he stiffed me on the not-so-secret-santa of 2010 =P
>> No. 646 ID: a468a6
His trip isn't in any of my e-mails, but I bought a Bulgarian Circle 10 45 round RPK74 magazine from a tripfriend on here. He was selling eight of them (if you see this thread, please post).

Anyway, he sent me a mag before I even payed for it for a really great deal. Bro tier achieved. I just wish I had his trip saved so I could properly give him props.

Thanks again, Nic.
>> No. 647 ID: 2464a2

All confirmed for bros.

There are some others I forgot, all the business I have done on /trade/ has been on the up and up so far.
>> No. 648 ID: eed033
Yeah I got stiffed by some tripfag a year or two back. He made damn sure to contact the guy getting him a gift, but never got back to me.

I have since stayed out of said threads.
>> No. 649 ID: c3e6b2
I've only had dealings with these OPERATORs so far

ConcernedCitizen: Amnesty need I say more?
Frankengun: Bought a few things off him and cool guy at the range meet.
GretchenBlackthron: Send me Not So Secret Santa gift.
Jayfl: Bought stuff off him and when he say like new, it is pretty much new.

I wish OpChan Wiki is still around so I can look though list of people on it, I am pretty sure I am missing someone. Only had one incident that was bad but in the end it was resolved so no name need to be mentioned.
>> No. 650 ID: daccc2
I've had good experiences so far with:
concernedcitizen (paid me for a deal I did with SG)
>> No. 651 ID: b9ef18
Confirmed for Bro Tier:
Dick Mango
>> No. 652 ID: a17a43
>confirmed for bro

I can't remember if I've bought anything from Mammoth, but I'm seconding his bro status, on account of his tech help.
>> No. 655 ID: c3e6b2
I only send you the extra stuff I got from CC plus porn DVD of your flavor, hehehe.
>> No. 656 ID: 5ea8c0
I should add more info.

I bought him $20 worth of pizza from Papa John's or Domino's online and he said he'd send me some K31 clips. He never delivered.

Also +2 to Saigaguy. He sold me a K31 and then threw some ammo my way 2 years later because he said he would.
>> No. 657 ID: 9dc853

Opie, every single time you post this up I say E-MAIL ME, E-MAIL IS IN E-MAIL FIELD. For the last two years. Horey Sheit

:( I just want you to love me again.
>> No. 658 ID: 5ea8c0
I've never seen you respond until now, and your old phone got disconnected so I couldn't talk to that. =/

Email is on its way.
>> No. 659 ID: 027412
>Bitching about Pizza...
>I bought him $20 worth of pizza from Papa John's.....
>$20 worth of pizza from Papa John's
>pizza from Papa John's
>Papa John's

DEAR GOD HE TREATED YOU TO PAPA JOHNS WELL GET THIS MAN SOME CLIPS. The love, it must be returned, with Swiss Love...
>> No. 660 ID: 027412
Oops. Forgot.

Danderdude +1

Item was 100% as described. Nice item, good price. Would purchase from again if I have money.
>> No. 661 ID: 46ca18
Probably forgetting one or two people, apologies.

Awesome people to deal with:

ConcernedCitizen: King of the bros.
NSWG Operator (All of my <3...and you know, *other* stuff)
SousEstime (Mah bro!)
Cap (Seriously, awesome guy)
Rogue (Mah other bro!)

Again, probably forgetting someone, sorry. Never had a bad experience on here though.
>> No. 662 ID: c02d70
+1 to SneakyGit for sending me 'Dead Center' for the secret santa a few years back.

There's two other people I need to think, one for selling me a carry handle + vest and the other for buying my Arab HP netbook. But I forgot the trips of both...
>> No. 663 ID: 2bf8d0
I'm using the arab netbook to post this.
>> No. 664 ID: c02d70

+1 to Rabbit_Killer!
>> No. 665 ID: eed033
Hope you like the book. :D.
>> No. 666 ID: 54636b
File 133283351930.gif - (1.97MB , 450x300 , 133158572921.gif )
+1 to jayfl!!NmLJHmLGqz

quick shipment and fair pricing
>> No. 667 ID: d3819e
+2 to Ulfhunden.
He didn't charge me shipping for the earpro and case that he gave me for free.
I'm going to put the $4 in shipping towards another OPERATOR.
>> No. 668 ID: c02d70

I did, thanks a bunch for it.
>> No. 669 ID: a79392
Awesome experiences with:
Concerned Citizen & Romanov(Obvs)
Lulzmatcher - Gave me a clip and a magazine to use as visual aids for only the cost of shipping
Buckeye - offered to mail me a spare recoil spring for my CZ then had a new one shipped to my house when he couldn't find it.
StickShift - First time we met, he drove an hour plus to pick me up so I could go shooting with him, BlackJack and DeathSythe when I was still gunless.
Kain - hooked me up with an extra cable lock he had laying around.

I <3 you guys

Only questionable experience is a still developing situation with FedEx and a seemingly missing Marlin 60. Withholding the name until situation is resolved but I'm getting concerned.
>> No. 670 ID: a468a6
File 133304529457.jpg - (120.82KB , 922x692 , full authority of america.jpg )
An M23 Pioneer just arrived at my door, and it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Lei. Lei was the middle man on this deal, facilitating a transaction between myself, and a dude on ARFcom.

Anyway, Lei told me where to send a money order, and he told the seller my address. This would've been a prime situation to rip someone off, but I trusted him, and my trust was not misplaced.

Lei: confirmed for tier one bro status.
>> No. 671 ID: 42f220

I didn't quite stiff Kain. I sent his a bottle of whiskey, some cigars and some boolits, and the mail people didn't find that too amusing.
>> No. 672 ID: 42f220

what kind of shape was the marlin 60 you were supposed to be getting in. I have one that is completely operable, but no longer in its hayday. still accurate as the day I bought it though. if that one disappears. I'll send you mine at no cost.
>> No. 673 ID: ec88a0
File 133309068666.jpg - (41.07KB , 412x516 , Mind-Blown.jpg )
MVQ the most generous people I've met in my entire life are people on the internet I've never met

email sent
>> No. 675 ID: a518fb
Lol I know bro, I'm just teasing you. Took you long enough to see it.

Also, if Tiggle's model 60 shows up and you wanna sell yours, we should talk.
>> No. 676 ID: 42f220
yes we should. may be able to make up for christfagmas.
>> No. 677 ID: a518fb
Pft, like I even care about that. I just figure we could make a deal we both are happy with.
>> No. 678 ID: f1aaae
OPERATOR id:5914d1is good to go

We did a trade and everything went great
>> No. 679 ID: cacf45
SouthernBro -1
He stiffed me for ammo I sent him as payment for an Xbox.

JediDaschund +1
>> No. 680 ID: 42f220
+1 Dick Mango/R3dundantC

mail took some time(not his fault), but the rifle arrived as promised. And shoots great.
>> No. 681 ID: c52779
I know I've dealt with Frankengun, Dick Mango/R3dundantC, Concerned Citizen, Romanov? +1s everywhere.

Other people? I forget.
>> No. 682 ID: a629fc
>> No. 683 ID: c52779
I haven't done any mailing with you.

But I have met Wut??? in person a couple times.

Also he's a nigger.
>> No. 684 ID: a629fc
You've dealt with me. Nigger.
>> No. 685 ID: c52779
I have dealt with you. Nigger.

+1, lawl
>> No. 686 ID: f25a5a
+2 for JediDaschund, bought a carry handle and stock kit from him, great communication, fast shipping, and priced below all the other EE forums, this dude is solid.
>> No. 687 ID: dfa96f
+1 lulzmacher and red ed dead
>> No. 688 ID: a0d79e
concernedcitizen is unparalleled. you should know this.
>> No. 689 ID: 73e329
+3 to Jedi Dachshund, he held on to that optic for 2 weeks for me and sold it at a very, very reasonable price.
>> No. 690 ID: dff78d
+ 1 For lulzmacher bought some computer hardware for a steal about a year ago still running strong today
>> No. 691 ID: fc7fb2
+1 to Frankengun for our swap.
>> No. 692 ID: f26cfd
+1 to bushmaster, he gave me wood without even needing the money.
>> No. 693 ID: 4561a2
+1for you as well, bud. Gonna try out the 33 rounder at the next Georgia opchan shoot.
>> No. 694 ID: b9ef18
+1 to Frankengun and Bob.
>> No. 695 ID: af2e2f
+1 to Funk for trading MOEs
>> No. 696 ID: 494517
Situation with the missing Marlin 60 was cleared up (several weeks ago), gun was originally sent to the wrong address but it all worked out. Gun was exactly as described so +1 to Revived.
>> No. 697 ID: f126ef
+1 RedRaptor
>> No. 698 ID: 389b79
+1 for KittonMittons, as well as NSWG, Bushwacker, Weiss, jayfl, and a number of others I'm sure I've forgotten.
>> No. 699 ID: daa9e8
Mammoth is bro-tier.

Good guy.
>> No. 700 ID: 25c955
-2 for Rabidpossum
We worked out a deal, in exchange for some gunsmithing services, he got a parts Mini 14 target rifle. He dropped off the face of the earth with my grandpa's Savage Lever action, and the Mini 14.
He also never sent the PBE vinyl decals I payed for...
If he show's up in the thread, Email me!
If anyone knows what up, same.
>> No. 701 ID: 7deb22
should never deal with rabidpossum
He did a run of operatorchan patches and didn't deliver them until about a year later when nobody wanted them anymore.
Believe he has stiffed others as well.

lei is cool
gretchen is cool
kain is cool
mammoth is cool

you should only buy shit from me if you have my phone number otherwise i'll forget about it to be honest.
>> No. 702 ID: ffba8d

Let it be known he has a job that involves travel.
>> No. 703 ID: 25c955
Any idea if he's travelling ATM? Its getting to that point where I need some sort of contact and assurance, or I have to start digging up the personal info I have on him, and go to the authorities. Let it be know, I would much rather he just contact me and tell me whats up.
>> No. 704 ID: 4c2259
Lets see here. Bout time I have a post here in the new thread. I might miss a person or two because I have terrible memory ever since doing all that cocaine. But here it goes:

+100 for ConcernedCitizen. I'm sure everyone here already knows how cool he is. He gave me lots of free stuff, including a KAC carbine length rail (which I still use today) and many other goodies.

+100 for Frankengun. Gave me a free Matech rear BUIS when I bought my AR15. Which I also still use.

+1 for Opfor (IIRC). Bought an airshit AKS74U from him.

+1 for Kain. Bought an ALICE belt from him.

That's all I can remember right now.
>> No. 705 ID: 273e44
>>777 yeah, twas me. +1 Lei

I dont think ive ever dealt with anyone else on here
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